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AWS Redshift

AWS Redshift What is Redshift? Redshift is a fully managed cluster platform, peta scale data warehouse and database service in Amazon Web Services (AWS).A little bit about Redshift- Data Engineering Course | Redshift Demystified Redshift advantages: The uniqueness and big advantage of Redshift is the “fixed” price and the ability to scale fast and simple… Continue reading AWS Redshift

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AWS EMR What is EMR? Fully managed Hadoop cluster platform, that simplifies running big data frameworks. EMR advantages: EMR is very fast to deploy, just a few minutes to configure and you are ready to go. It contains a variety of Apache open source projects such as Hive, Spark and Presto.   EMR use cases: Transformation… Continue reading AWS EMR

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Architecture What is a good Big Data Architecture? A good data lake enables fast querying of data, in a positive ROI and low maintenance.Basically, Faster Cheaper and simpler should be the  motto for a good Architecture. Our Architecture Blogs JutoLake – Analytics with no boundaries Big Data Architecture Best Practices 16 Tips to reduce costs… Continue reading Architecture

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When should we use EMR and When should we use Redshift? EMR VS Redshift

Use Redshift when Traditional data warehouse When you need the data relatively hot for analytics such as BI When there is no data engineering team When your queries require joins When you need a cluster 24X7 When you data type are simple, i.e not Arrays, or Structs When data has no nested jsons When you have petabyte… Continue reading When should we use EMR and When should we use Redshift? EMR VS Redshift