Data Engineering Course

High Tech professionals and thinking of acquiring new skills in the world of data?
This course is definitely for you.

For registration and more information:

Scope of studies

50 hours via zoom:

  1. 25 sessions once a  week – 2 hours per session. 
  2. each session will include –
    1. reviewing the last session home assignment.
    2. learning new topics and discussing the next home assignment.

Course description

Information technology developments enable the collection and processing of huge amounts of data from a wide variety of sources. The Data Engineer is typically in charge of managing data workflows, pipelines, and ETL processes to allow business entities receive important business insights and a significant improvement in business performance.

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the principles of data engineering in a practical way that will allow him to start working in the field.

The course is designed for:

people who work in the high tech sector  that wants to acquire new skills in the world of data to broaden their knowledge or to change their specialization.

Technical information:

The course will contain a maximum of 10 students.

Frontal lectures via zoom. 

Home assignments- watching videos and exercises.

Students will require  a laptop/desktop for the exercises. 

Personal gmail is required. 

A GCP account will be provided. 

Most of the work will be hands-on (in linux environments with no gui).

 Course plan:

SubjectNum of hours
GCP Intro + GCS2
SQL VIA bigQuery8
Architecture & Big Data2
Project – End to End Data  Solution. 14