Qlik installation on AWS cloud windows-server

Author: Ariel Yosef

The download for qlik installation:


The download for qlik update:


A full guide for the qlik installition. (Whatch the notes before following the guide)

small notes about the guide when installing with AWS:

1.Make sure the hostname is correct.

On step 10 you are required to place your hostname.

Qlik does not recognize the hostname properly, make sure you place the local machine hostname.

To do so, go to cmd write “hostname” and the result will be pasted to the installation.

2.The installation should be on Administrator user.

On step 15 you need the full path to the user you want the services to run on.

To do so, go to cmd write “whoami” and the result will be pasted to the “username” bar installation.

In the password bar, paste the password you logged in with, to the server.

Beside that, the installation is mostly clicking next.


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