AWS Spark Blogs

  1. Big Data in 200KM/h | Big Data Demystified
  2. AWS Big Data Demystified #1.2 | Big Data architecture lessons learned
  3. Working with R studio and a remote Spark cluster (SPARK R)
  4. AWS S3 caching while working with Hive spark SQL and External table | LLAP
  5. How to work with maximize resource allocation and Spark dynamic allocation [ AWS EMR Spark ]
  6. Spark performance tuning demystified
  7. Securing Spark JDBC + thrift connection (SSL) @ AWS EMR (demystified)
  8. How to connect via JDBC to Spark SQL EMR on AWS
  9. AWS Big Data Demystified #3 | Zeppelin + spark sql, JDBC + thrift, ganglia, r+ spark r + livy
  10. Ignoring quotes in CSV while working in Athena , hive, spark SQL
  11. Converting TPCH data from row based to columnar Via Hive or SparkSQL and run ad hoc queries via Athena on columnar data
  12. 200KM/h overview on Big Data in AWS | Part 1
  13. 200KM/h overview on Big Data in AWS | Part 2