JutoLake - When was the last time you analyzed 10 trillion records?

What is JutoLake

JutoLake is an end to end data solution that enables BI Dashboards on Petascale data sets – 1 trillion rows and above.

JutoLake features

  • SQL Ansi
  • No indexing
  • No performance tuning is required
  • Just insert and select from massive datasets

Why to choose JutoLake?

1. JutoLake simplifies the process of Ad hoc Querying and Data pipelines.
2. Faster than anything you have seen and experienced. 
3. An effordable price.
4. JutoLake makes unobtainable insights possible from your data like never before. 
5. No more compromises, no need for complex aggregations ETL’s, Just insert you data and query what you need to know.
6. JutoLake is powered by a smart caching mechanism that will make your dashboard responsive in sub seconds.
7. Jutolake is supported by a professional and experienced team

How does it work?


How does JutoLake looks



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JutoLake in One Minute