setting the default interpreter of zeppelin for bootstrapping

When you bootstrap a new EMR zeppelin, once you open the notebook, you will be asked to save the default interpreter. in transient cluster you may want to set the default interpreter automatically.

To set the default interpreter, check /etc/zeppelin/conf/interpreter.json and look for something like:

  "name": "spark",
  "class": "org.apache.zeppelin.spark.SparkInterpreter",
  "defaultInterpreter": true,
  "editor": {
    "language": "scala",
    "editOnDblClick": false
  "name": "pyspark",
  "class": "org.apache.zeppelin.spark.PySparkInterpreter",
  "defaultInterpreter": false,
  "editor": {
    "language": "python",
    "editOnDblClick": false

Now everything seems trivial. We just need to change the defaultInterpreter of spark to false, and defaultInterpreter of pyspark to true.

And then restart the zeppelin

(sudo stop zeppelin; sudo start zeppelin).



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