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Serverless Data Pipelines | Big Data Demystified

We had the pleasure to host Michael Haberman, Founder at Topsight :

Serverless is the new kid in town but lets not forget data which is also critical for your organisation, in this talk we will look at the benefits of going serverless with your data pipeline, but also the challenges it raises. This talk will be heavily loaded with demos so watch out!

AWS Big Data Demystified | Serverless data pipeline

Sunday, Mar 3, 2019, 6:00 PM
Ha-Shlosha St 2 Tel Aviv-Yafo, IL

56 Members Went

Agenda: 18:00 networking and gathering 18:30 “A Polylog about Redis” , Itamar Haber 19:15 “Serverless data pipeline” , Michael Haberman Lecturer : Itamar Haber, Technology Evangelist —————————————————————- Bio: a self proclaimed “Redis Geek”, Itamar is the Technology Evangelist at Redis Labs, the home of op…

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