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From AWS Redshift to SnowFlake

“From Redshift to SnowFlake”, Yaron Tomer is VP R&D of XMPie:
In the presentation I will briefly take you through our journey of selecting of the best data warehouse for our product, which ended up being Snowflake. We will then deep dive into Snowflake. You will learn about the amazing features and architecture of Snowflake that overwhelmed us and that caused us to understand it is the best solution for us on so many levels. It is rare to see a product so polished. I think the word must be spread, because although Snowflake is quite popular in the valley, only a dozen companies adopted it in Israel.

About the lecturer:
Yaron Tomer is VP R&D of XMPie, providing a cloud based marketing automation product to marketing agencies and fortune 500 enterprises. Before becoming a VP, Yaron managed the development of this SaaS product, from an idea to a mature product. Yaron is passionate or products and technologies.


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