Machine Learning Essentials | Big Data Demystified

Machine Learning Essentials Abstract:
Machine Learning (ML) is one of the hottest topics in the IT world today. But what is it really all about?
In this session we will talk about what ML actually is and in which cases it is useful.
We will talk about a few common algorithms for creating ML models and demonstrate their use with Python. We will also take a peek at Deep Learning (DL) and Artificial Neural Networks and explain how they work (without too much math) and demonstrate DL model with Python.

The target audience are developers, data engineers and DBAs that do not have prior experience with ML and want to know how it actually works.

All The examples and code are committed to our Big Data Demystified Git Repository

Machine Learning Essentials | Big Data Demystified

Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019, 6:00 PM
Ha-Shlosha St 2 Tel Aviv-Yafo, IL

118 Members Went

Agenda 1800 gathering 1830 lecture 1: Fake News: between a new Front and a new Frontier, Nitzan -Or Kedrai[masked] Lecture 2: Machine Learning Essentials, Lior King Fake News: between a new Front and a new Frontier קוראים לי ניצן אור קדראי ואני עומדת בצומת המעניינת שבין טכנולוגיה, מדיה ואקטיביזם. בארבע וחצי השנים האחרונות אני עובדת בידיעות אחרונו…

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