Couchbase NoSQL Platform

Couchbase data platform

Couchbase is a popular open source NoSQL platform used by giants like Apple, LinkedIn, Walmart, Visa and many others and runs on-premise or in a public/hybrid/multi cloud.
Couchbase has a sub-millisecond K/V cache integrated with a document based DB, a unique and many more services and features.
In this session we will talk about the unique architecture of Couchbase, its unique N1QL language – a SQL-Like language that is ANSI compliant, the services and features Couchbase offers and demonstrate some of them live.
We will also discuss what makes Couchbase different than other popular NoSQL platforms like MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, DynamoDB etc.
At the end we will talk about the next version of Couchbase (6.5) that will be released later this year and about Couchbase 7.0 that will be released next year.


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