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How to Install Python and PIP on Windows running on GCP?

This is blog a “cut the bulltishit” and give me what i need to get started blog. end to end if this is your first time – 1 hour you are up and running.

The business use case: the data science team need a server with GUI to run python scripts daily and keep changing them manually until the get the POC results expected.

The technical steps to install GCE machine with windows OS and GUI

  1. Install GCE machine, like any other in GCE, but change the boot disk to run “windows server” and version should be: ” Windows server 2016 datacenter with desktop Experience” . In addition, allow access Scope “Allow full access to all cloud API’s
  2. you need to confirm RDP network access , port 3389
  3. press the down facing arrows on the right of the RDP button to set password for your users.
  4. press RDP on the GCE console, if you are using chrome, install the chrome RDP plugin, it will simply your RDP experience , use the password from “3” and no need for domain, Notice you can change the screen size in the plugin” options

Technical steps to install Python and pip on window server machine

  1. Disable IE Enhanced Security, I used this manual . basically : Server Manager –> Local Server –> IE Enhanced Security Configuration >> Off
  2. Installed python using this blog. don’t for get to right click and “run as administrator“. browse to : download latest version. customize the installation to ensure all components are installed including pip, and ADD to PATH.
  3. To ensure python is accessible everywhere = ensured the path is updated using this blog. sample path :”C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37
  4. If you have not installed pip, Install pip using this blog, don’t forget to add it to the path.
  5. used this video to schedule python to run daily. make sure to mark in the properties, that the job should run even if the user is not logged in.

Further more, some official Google compute engined tutorials


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