How to Setup SMTP for Airflow

Author: Omid Vahdaty 26.4.2020

Step 1: Understand the basics of SMTP

SMTP to is a simple protocol to send emails – yes like GMAIL. For sending emails in smtp – you need client and server. You can use your own custom made SMTP server (python).
or use GMAIL as smtp server – e.g: ,

here is a link for basic GMAIL SMTP configuration:

Step 2: Configure SMTP client on your desktop

you can test the SMTP server , by installing email client on your desktop. It can be outlook (Paid) or thunderbird (Free):

The desired out put – read your own emails on a new client which IT / DEVOPS have not configured for your.

Step3: configure SMTP on Airflow configuration file

once you understand the concept  of SMTP, you can configure SMTP on airflow.cfg

# If you want airflow to send emails on retries, failure, and you want to use
# the function, you have to configure an
# smtp server here
smtp_host = localhost
smtp_starttls = True
smtp_ssl = False
# Example: smtp_user = airflow
# smtp_user =
# Example: smtp_password = airflow
# smtp_password =
smtp_port = 25
smtp_mail_from =

STEP4: Use Airflow Email Operator in your DAG

EmailOperator Example

EmailOperator Documentation



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