How to improve Tableau dashboard performance

5 Tips on how to optimize your dashboard performance in Tableau

Author: Delphine Elfassi 6.1.2021

  1. Avoid calculated fields & custom queries.
  2. Extract your data
  3. Add filters to context.
  4. Avoid quick filters.
  5. Customize your filters.

1 | Avoid calculated fields and Custom Queries

If possible, try to avoid calculated fields and custom queries – You should perform calculations in your database.

2 | Extract Your Data

Use the Extract connection instead of the live connection to your data source.
For More Details :

3 | Choose “Add to Context” to your Filters

By default, all filters are calculated independently. That means that for each filter Tableau runs through the entire data source and figures out all the rows that pass each filter individually and then returns the union of the results. For example, say you’ve filtered a view to only show the Western region and you’ve added another filter to only show sales from the first quarter of 2009. Tableau first looks at all the records and pulls out all the ones from the Western region. Then it goes back through all of the records again and pulls out all sales from Q1 of 2009. Finally the result is the union of both these independent filters.

Sometimes you’ll want to first run one filter and then run other filters just on the results of the first one. These types of filters are called Context Filters. When a filter is added to the context it is the independent filter and all other filters are only computed just on the results of the context.

NOTE: If your table has complex aggregations and is more than a simple view table, you should be very careful using this option!

For More Details :

Go to Filters Area → Right Click on the filter field → Add to Context.


4 | Avoid Quick Filters

Use hierarchical / Cascading quick filters only If your filters do not contain too many values.
The disadvantage of quick filters is that they will increase the loading time, that’s why it is recommended to use only necessary quick filters and do not add more quick filters in your worksheet or Dashboard.

 Go to the show filter → Right Click → All values in Database

5 | Customize your filter

Customize your filter and choose the “Apply” button.

Right click on the filter show → Customize → “Show Apply Button”

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