An Intro to Rivery Through Kits - Plug and Play Data Models

Lecturer: Dan Greenberg 2.9.2021

Rivery is a new age SaaS ELT platform that helps companies streamline analytics in their data warehouse of choice. In this session, the audience will learn about how to deploy pre-built data models through a UI based approach. Gone are the days where ETL developers have to spend hours or days building their data pipelines. In Rivery, we’ve developed a feature called Kits to help data teams instantly create powerful data pipelines, automated data transformation, and pre-defined tables to tackle common data sources and use cases.

The session will start with a high level overview on the types of data pipelines that can be built within Rivery. From there, we will explore an example Kit to give the audience a real-world example of this capability in action.

About the Lecturer: Dan Greenberg leads the Sales & Partnerships team at Rivery. He’s been with the company for almost 4 years, and before that has spent time in the data analytics space at Keyrus and IBM.



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