NoSQL Data Modeling and the LSM Tree data structure

Lecturer: Guy Shtub 16.5.2023

In this talk, I’ll speak about basic data modeling and the LSM Tree, which is the underlying design for many NoSQL databases, including ScyllaDB and Apache Cassandra. I’ll cover topics such as Architecture, Primary Key Selection, Clustering key, and Compaction. This is an intermediate to advanced level talk.

About the lecturer:
Guy Shtub is Head of Training at ScyllaDB and holds a B.SC. degree in Software Engineering from Ben Gurion University. He co-founded two start-ups and is experienced in creating products that people love.



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  1. Hi Guy Shtub Thanks for the clear and succinct webinar. I found it easy to follow as a nosql beginner and insightful. Hope you keep it up!

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