Architectural Evolution of Amazon internal Data Platform

Lecturer: Filipp Fediakov 5.9.2023

In this talk, we will delve into how our team built a self-service platform PXT DaaS. PXT DaaS is an internal serverless data platform built on top of AWS. PXT DaaS facilitates data exchange between software and analytical teams in Amazon HR. To scale our platform to support 100s of datasets our team decided to build self-service portal. We will discuss the challenges faced by the team during each step of this project and how we overcame them.

Lecturer- Filipp Fediakov, a Senior Software Development Engineer at Amazon. I have been a lead engineer in a team of 12 building an internal data platform for software, analysts, data engineering teams in Amazon People Experience Technology. Now I work in a team that works on intranet search to help Amazon employees find the information they need to stay productive. Apart from work at Amazon I also write blogs and contribute to AWS CDK.



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