Rise, Fall and re-Rise of the Semantic Layer

Lecturer: David Krakov 12.9.2023

In the data-driven dream everyone knows where the data is, what it means, and how to use it. When you wake up, managing truth and enabling data is hard work fraught with data errors and miscommunication. Data teams tackle this challenge daily – some with tools, some with process and some by building. Nothing seems to scale.
Can “Semantic Layers” help?
* There were SAP Business Objects, Then the cloud happened.
* Sharing the truth: How ETL and catalogs fail us.
* Emergence of the “Metric Store” in Airbnb and Uber.
* Semantics for mortals: is it just having a better process?
* The new semantic layers: dbt metrics, Looker/Malloy.
* What’s next: will the Semantic Layer rise from the ashes?
In this talk we will go over the history of the semantic layer, how it looks today in different data teams, and where the industry might be headed.
We will elaborate on the advantages of that direction.

Lecturer: David Krakov, CEO & Co-Founder of Honeydew. Previously, the co-founder of Verada, a data acceleration engine acquired by Starburs.



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