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Nature writes the best algorithms

Yigal Goldfine Bio

I have the privilege of leading the research and algorithm fields in PandoLogic for the past two years.

I try to solve problems and crack puzzles on a daily basis… Before focusing on algorithms I was a programmer, team leader and R&D director for several years.

I have a BSc in computer science, and also BSc in biotechnology engineering which sometimes gives me the opportunity to approach some of the challenges from a different angle.

About Nature writes the best algorithms

We were struggling with a very challenging problem – and every path we took lead us to a dead end…

We then chose a new technique – Biomimicry. During this session, I will present the concept of Biomimicry algorithms –

biological processes are inherently algorithms that nature has designed to solve computational problems.

I will also demonstrate some of the concepts of treating job postings as a flock of birds.

By the end of the session, you will have a new perspective on nature and potentially a new tool in your problem-solving kit.


I put a lot of thoughts into these blogs, so I could share the information in a clear and useful way. If you have any comments, thoughts, questions, or you need someone to consult with, feel free to contact me:

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