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GCP Big Data Demystified #1 | Big Data Journey


How to get started on Big Data? on the cloud? datacenter? what are the challenges? architecture? Google cloud or AWS cloud? in this blog, i will share with your the slides and the video from a meetup from 27.1.19 detailing the journey has made to the big data in the cloud.

GCP Big Data Demystified | Big Data Journey | Part 1

Sunday, Jan 27, 2019, 6:00 PM

hashelosha st 2, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv-Yafo Tel Aviv-Yafo, al

34 Members Went

Agenda: 18:00 networking and gathering 18:30 “GCP Big Data Demystified | Big data Journey”, Omid Vahdaty 19:15 “Nature writes the best algorithms”, Yigal Goldfine Omid Vahdaty, Big Data Ninja and Meetup orgenizer ———————————————————————– in this lecture (first in a serias of lectures) we …

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I put a lot of thoughts into these blogs, so I could share the information in a clear and useful way. If you have any comments, thoughts, questions, or you need someone to consult with, feel free to contact me:

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