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Apache Drill Demystified

Some good reads about Apache Drill. drill supports a variety of NoSQL databases and file systems, including HBase, MongoDB, MapR-DB, HDFS, MapR-FS, Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Swift, NAS and local files. A single query can join data from multiple datastores. For example, you can join a user profile collection in MongoDB with a directory of event logs in Hadoop.

Drill’s datastore-aware optimizer automatically restructures a query plan to leverage the datastore’s internal processing capabilities. In addition, Drill supports data locality, so it’s a good idea to co-locate Drill and the datastore on the same nodes.

Traditional query engines demand significant IT intervention before data can be queried. Drill gets rid of all that overhead so that users can just query the raw data in-situ. There’s no need to load the data, create and maintain schemas, or transform the data before it can be processed. Instead, simply include the path to a Hadoop directory, MongoDB collection or S3 bucket in the SQL query.

Drill leverages advanced query compilation and re-compilation techniques to maximize performance without requiring up-front schema knowledge.

Drill features a JSON data model that enables queries on complex/nested data as well as rapidly evolving structures commonly seen in modern applications and non-relational datastores. Drill also provides intuitive extensions to SQL so that you can easily query complex data.

Drill is the only columnar query engine that supports complex data. It features an in-memory shredded columnar representation for complex data which allows Drill to achieve columnar speed with the flexibility of an internal JSON document model.

SQL parser: Drill uses Calcite, the open source SQL parser framework, to parse incoming queries. The output of the parser component is a language agnostic, computer-friendly logical plan that represents the query.


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