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Making your analytics talk business

What You Will Learn:

Collecting data is easy; getting real value from that data is more difficult. The first step in creating value-adding data is having a structured business plan- for both analytics and BI – that will guide all future data operations.

This event aims to practically break down the steps in formulating a data analytics and BI strategy. The talks will broaden your own understanding of how to use a strategy to integrate data into your overall business goals, and will provide you with actionable steps to both think about and create your own strategy.


Aligning your analysis to the business is fundamental for all types of analytics (digital or product analytics, business intelligence, etc) and is vertical- and tool agnostic. In this talk we will build on the discussion that was started in the previous meetup, and will discuss how analysts can learn to derive their stakeholders’ expectations, how to shift from metrics to “real” KPIs, and how to approach an analysis in order to create real impact.

This session is primarily geared towards those starting out into analytics, practitioners who feel that they are still struggling to prove their value in the organization or simply folks who want to power up their reporting and recommendation skills. If you are already a master at aligning your analysis to the business, you’re most welcome as well: join us to share your experiences so that we can all learn from each other and improve!


Eliza Savov – Eliza is the team lead of the Customer Experience and Analytics team at Clicktale, the worldwide leader in behavioral analytics. She has extensive experience working with data analytics, having previously worked at Clicktale as a senior customer experience analyst, and as a product analyst at Seeking Alpha.


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